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Good day future millionaires

I would like to share with you important facts and lessons about Fibonacci trading strategy.

1. Fibonacci trading strategy remains the only prophetic way of trading FOREX with 95% success rate and 5% failure / risk management (It result in Zero loss if executed without emotions and 10% capital exposure to the market).

2. The market often retrace up to 38%, 50% and 62% Fibonacci ratio or golden mean. Prime entry prices are used to determine positioning of trades (long / short position), this include tactics such as averaging and hedging.

3. Fibonacci is the most difficult strategy to implement. Institutions like banks are using Fibonacci to play the market. (It's a secret trading strategy)

4. Fibonacci is the only powerful trading strategy.

1. Fibonacci sequence of retracement:
-Retracement of prices often complete AB=CD formation with magic figures in place.
-0.617 is a retracement prime entry and 0.618 is the end of retracement or formation.
-1,2 and 3 are the only existing magic numbers within the retracement. They determine the strongest support or resistance which is often three steps before prime entry price. C = 3 and 5 is the reliable prime number.

2. Fibonacci fan:
-The fan is used to determine structural bull or bear pattern.
-Can be used with Fibonacci arcs.

3. Fibonacci arcs:
-Arcs are bowel like structures and only three lines are enough to play the market and provide reliable highest and lowest price within the specific period of time.
-Can be used with Fibonacci expansion.

4. Fibonacci expansion:
-Separation of strong waves and the application of Fibonacci retracement within each wave.
-It is suitable for historical market performance analysis.
-Can be used with price history to predict the future market performance.

NOTES: Fibonacci is the market secret used to find reliable or perfect signals.

By: Forex trader

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