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Youth Employment Services

Youth Employment Service aims to create a million jobs for young South Africans

We all know that unemployment is a big challenge in South Africa especially for Youth and Graduates,People are searching for job all over the country with less chances of getting one.There are currently around six million unemployed young people in South Africa .

The Good news is that Youth Employment Services(YES)  an initiative between business and government that aims to address South Africa's Massive youth unemployment challenge ,it targets the creation of a million jobs

We are calling it a first chance. Give a young person a first chance. We know that if you give a person a chance at a year-long opportunity and they come out of that with a CV and some kind of reference letter, you improve their chances threefold of being called back for another interview.

Tashimia Ismail-Saville, A business and innovation author,Teacher and Consultant,is the CEO of the Youth Employment Service indicated the following

1. We are looking at people who will earn under R6000.00

2. Economic vulnerability makes you vulnerable for all sorts of social [ills]

3. If you look at the number – 6 million – this is not a small percentage!

4. If we don’t go big, we do nothing. We have too many small projects that sputter along…

5. We’re working on the demand side of employment.

6.Our biggest impact contributors are financial services corporations…

7. We have a big strategy for townships to get spaces for youths to be placed closer to home.

8.We have assessments that are gamified… We’re working with telcos to give smartphones to young people…

Millions of young South Africans are not in employment, education or training. The situation is worse for African and coloured youth, with unemployment rates well in excess of 50%. To turn this situation around, our economic policies need to prioritize and focus on South Africa’s youth. Our policies must be judged on the extent to which they create more employment and education opportunities for young people.

We need to begin to do things differently to make sure that we bring more young people into the mainstream of our economy. We know that some form of experience in the labour market assists young people in securing future gainful employment. A young person who has never had a job, or has experienced a prolonged period of unemployment, has poor employment prospects.

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