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Sanlam Actuarial Trainee Programme SA 2022

Sanlam, one of the largest globally active insurance companies in the financial world, is inviting interested and suitable individuals to visit its careers page and apply for its Actuarial Trainee Programme for the 2022 financial year.
Established in 1918 as a life insurance firm, Sanlam has since expanded its financial services operating all across Africa, Malaysia, India and other select markets. It boasts a global footprint spanning 44 countries and counts as one of the 50 largest insurance groups operating internationally.
Sanlam operates five different “clusters” or divisions, namely Investments, Personal Finance, Emerging Markets, Short-term and Corporate Insurance. A department within Sanlam called the Group Office provides strategic direction and support to these clusters, effectively keeping them cohesive and fully functional in reaching their own targets.
The company’s comprehensive suite of investment services includes:
  • Local investments (e.g. investments with guarantees, fixed-term investments
  • International investments
  • Retirement income solutions
  • Retirement savings solutions

Sanlam Actuarial Trainee Programme 2022

The programme is for actuarial graduates who want to qualify and jump-start their actuarial careers. Training starts with an unofficial internship allowing trainees to acquaint themselves with Sanlam’s various products and systems. Afterward, trainees will gain exposure to more technical positions within the company – all designed to develop their analytical skills and ultimately, their actuarial skills.
The trainees’ results in their actuarial exams combined with their performance rating will determine the pace in which they progress through the more advanced areas of the business.
Under the actuarial support programme, trainees will have access to:
  • Study time logged to work hours
  • Bursary support to help complete actuarial exams
  • Financial incentives for successfully passing the exams
  • Coaching and guidance

Who should apply?

The ideal candidate must at least possess the following minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Holds a university degree in Actuarial Science
  • Must be able to gain exemption from a minimum of six actuarial exams prior to completion of the qualification
  • Computer proficiency with above-average skills in Microsoft Office  applications
  • Solid analytical skills`and uses a structured approach to resolve problems
  • An excellent team player with good interpersonal skills
  • Able to produce accurate results with great attention to detail
  • High sense of integrity
  • Good communication skills, both oral and written

What is the selection process?

As there are positions that need a specific skill set or behavioral profile (called as “competencies”), psychometric tests, interviews and other evaluation tools are administered to match the applicant to the job.
Note that the selection process starts only when the application deadline is reached. Moreover, the time required to complete the application process depends on how far the applicant progresses as well as the availability of managers.
Check out Sanlam’s Assessment to get a clear picture of what to expect.

How do I apply?

Eligible applicants who wish to move forward with the application process will need to create a candidate profile on Sanlam SA’s jobs portal. Click here to start the process.

Application Deadline?

The deadline for submission of applications is on 30 NOV 2021.

Contact Information

For enquiries and technical issues send an email to [email protected].
Click here to view a PDF copy of the Sanlam Actuarial Trainee Programme 2020 advert.

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