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Truworths Internship Programmes 2022

 Truworths is looking for suitable individuals interested in joining its multi-discipline Internship Programmes for 2022. Make sure to read about the role and the minimum eligibility requirements before hitting the “Apply” button.

About Truworths

Based in Cape Town, Truworths Ltd. is a leading clothing retailer operating 728 stores in South Africa and 49 other outlets scattered all over Africa. The company started in 1917 as The Alliance Trading Company and now sells various clothing lines under different brand names which include UZZI, LTD and Truworths Man.

Truworths employs more than 11,000 individuals and generates an annual revenue of over R18 billion.


Truworths Internship Programmes

Truworths is currently offering a number of structured internship roles that will all be based at the company’s Cape Town offices in the Western Cape. Listed below are the open internship positions and the corresponding duties and responsibilities for each role:

Garment Technologist Internship

  • Develop samples
  • Approve fits for buyers
  • Provide approval for merchandise meant for production
  • Identify and ensure adherence to quality standards
  • Manage and minimize customer returns
  • Assist suppliers in meeting Truworths’ quality standards

IT Support Engineer Internship

  • Resolve technical issues including software, hardware and internal customer service delivery
  • Gain transferable skills also in use at other industries
  • Other roles include Data Administration, Security Engineer, Security Administrator, Network Engineers, System Administrators, System Engineers, and Support Engineers

IT Software Development Internship

  • Work with various programming languages such as PL/SQL, C#, SQL, and Java
  • Provide software support to various teams within Truworths’ Information Systems including, but not limited to the POS team, Business Intelligence team, and Systems Support teams
  • Who should apply?

    The minimum eligibility requirements for each of the internship roles are as follows:

    Garment Technologist Internship (Job code: TRU21721-16)

    • Holds a tertiary degree in Clothing Technology, Garment Technology, or any relevant qualification
    • Effective communication skills
    • Sharp eye for details
    • Assertive and able to influence others
    • Knowledgeable in MS Word and Excel

    IT Support Engineer Internship (Job code: TRU210721-15)

    • A degree holder in BCom Information Systems, National Diploma or BTech in Support Services or Information Systems, or other tertiary degree relevant to Information Tech and Support
    • Genuine interest in IT Support Engineering
    • Keen interest in learning more about technology, support, and the retail business

    IT Software Development Internship (Job code: TRU210721-14)

    • Holds a tertiary degree in BSc Computer Science, BEng, BCom in Computer Information Systems, National Diploma, or BTech in Software Development or any degree related to Information Technology and Computer Science
    • Genuine interest in software development
    • Keen interest in learning more about tech and the retail industry


    How do I apply?

    Candidates who meet the minimum eligibility requirements and would like to apply will need to register their profile on Truworths’ recruitment page. Click the link to start registering your account.

    Apply online for the Truworths Internship Programmes 2022


    Application Deadline?

    The deadline for submission of applications is on 1 December 2021.

    Click on the link to view a PDF copy of your internship programme.

    Garment Technologist Internship 2022 advert

    IT Support Engineer Internship

    IT Software Development Internship 

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