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SALARY : R124 434 per annum (Level 03), excluding service benefits
CENTRE : Pretoria


REQUIREMENTS : A grade 12 senior certificate and a grade C PSIRA certificate. Minimum of 2 years working experience in the appropriate fields. Basic Security officers course. Working knowledge of the MISS document, ability to interpret and apply security policies, directives, procedures and prescripts, ability provide immediate solutions to problems, administrative procedures, verbal and written communication skills, Ability to operate a computer and engage in CCTV monitoring. Skills in organizing and planning, control visitors and personnel control. Ability to work with difficult persons and to resolve conflict, initiative and creativity.

DUTIES : The successful candidate will be responsible to perform access control functions: monitoring movement of personnel; visitors and contractors utilizing CCTV; control the movement of personnel, visitors and contractors; Facilitate confirmation of visitors appointments or the services required, referral of visitors to the relevant service delivery point; facilitate completion of admission control register and issue admission control document/cards as required, operate X-Ray machine, lock and unlock entrances and doors, ensure safety in the building and the premises; undertake building patrols to identify and
check water leaks, fire hazards, exposed electrical contact, lights are switched off/on as required, identify suspicious objects and packages; Facilitate access control to prevent unauthorised entry or exit; prepare write reports of daily activities and irregularities; monitor and inspect vehicles entering and leaving
the premises; complete or ensure that the registers to control the movement of equipment, stores and documents are completed; handle documents at points of entry according to classification and prescripts; ensure all incidents are recorded in the occurrence book/registers, Facilitate up to date recording
of occurrence book (for all incidents and reports), visitors register, after hour register and mail/parcel register.

APPLICATIONS : Applications, quoting the relevant reference number must be forwarded to the attention of Chief Director: HR Management and Development at Department of Tourism, Private Bag X424, Pretoria, 0001 or hand deliver at Tourism House, 17 Trevenna Road, Sunnyside, Pretoria

ENQUIRIES : Mr R Benadie Tel No: 012 444 6144

NOTE : Preference will be given to Coloured Male, Asian Male and White Male candidates.

CLOSING DATE : 16 May 2022 at 16:30 (Late applications will not be considered)

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