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Farm Worker Recruitment For Canada In 2022


There are 100 immigration pathways to Canada and one of them is Farm Worker. This article looks at the factors affecting farm worker recruitment. It discusses the vacancies for general farm workers, the effects of school leavers and immigrants, and the mobility of foreign workers. In this article, we will consider the factors that will affect farm worker recruitment in Canada in 2022. The statistics are based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook.

Vacancies in a general farm worker:

General farm worker recruitment is in high demand in Canada as the economy continues to improve. The seasonal nature of the work coupled with low wages and long working hours have led to the increasing use of temporary foreign workers. These workers are expected to continue to be used for a number of years to come. Vacancies for this job type are expected to grow. Listed below are some jobs that may be right for you.

The General Farm Worker is an important role in Canada’s agriculture sector. This seasonal, low-paying job requires long hours and extensive agricultural knowledge. The shortage of domestic workers makes this role difficult to fill. Consequently, many farms rely on temporary foreign workers during peak working seasons. However, some companies offer visa sponsorship to immigrants seeking the position of a General Farm Worker.

Job openings arising from school leavers:

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council, or CAHRC, has announced a new program to create 2,000 youth jobs in the farming sector by 2022. Through the Youth Employment and Skills Program, $21.4 million will be invested in creating these jobs. The new program includes features such as Job Alerts, which notify users of new job postings, and Job Match, which matches users to jobs that match their skills and experience.

The third quarter of this year marked a record high for the number of job vacancies across the country. The biggest increases were found in Ontario and Quebec, while Nova Scotia saw the lowest rise. Job vacancies in all provinces increased over the same period. The JVWS also provides detailed occupational data. The report is released quarterly, and is based on surveys conducted across Canada.


The government of Canada has identified a growing need for farm workers and has begun to recruit foreign nationals to fill these positions. These jobs are highly paid, require physical labor and come with a competitive salary. In addition, the government has enacted various immigration programs that enable foreign nationals to work in Canada’s agricultural sector. Interested individuals can apply for a farmworker job online.

Agricultural workers are in high demand worldwide. Canada currently has a shortage of approximately 7 per cent of its farmworker workforce, a number that could grow to 114,000 by 2025. Since many Canadians are already approaching retirement age, the government has implemented immigration programs aimed at bringing in foreign workers for farming and agri-food jobs. The immigration programs are intended to attract international workers for farm work and agricultural positions, and can also lead to permanent residency.


As a result of the low wages and long hours of agricultural work, it can be difficult to attract domestic workers. As such, farmers have turned to temporary foreign workers. This trend is predicted to continue into the future. In this article, we look at some of the key issues that farmers should consider when hiring foreign workers. These challenges include:

A significant obstacle to migrant farmworker recruitment is the lack of enforcement of immigration policies. The lack of protections, such as firewalls, between immigration enforcement and social services is a major concern. Nevertheless, this lack of protections does not justify limiting the recruitment of temporary migrant labour. The early UN Compact on Migration called for a firewall between immigration enforcement and social services, as well as measures to reduce precariousness associated with status.

As a result, there are currently thousands of open positions. In fact, the government hopes to hire up to 20,000 new farm workers by the year 2022. No experience is necessary and no language skills are required. With a valid work permit, Canadian citizens should have no trouble finding employment in Canada. So, how do foreign workers apply for these positions? Here are some of the main considerations. You may be a newcomer who has never worked on a farm before, or a veteran who has a few years of experience.



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