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Eskom Technical Officials

Location : South Africa (Kwa-Zulu Natal)

Reference Number : CADTO12/2022KZN

Closing Date : 30 December 2022

Minimum Requirements
• Grade 10

• 2 years

Skills and Competencies
• Driver’s Licence
• Line Construction
• Basic Health and Safety
• Basic Workshop skills
• ORHVS (Authorised for access and responsible person)
• Battery maintenance
• Emergency switching
• Ground level substation inspection
• Basic Environmental knowledge
• Capability of working above ground level (working at heights)
• Communication skills

Key Responsibilities
• 1. Maintains equipment and structures by:
• 1.1. Responding to call outs and prompts from the dispatcher during abnormal conditions and power supply interruptions
• 1.2. Restoring equipment and structures on lines and substations by replacing, securing, and cleaning plant and equipment under supervision
• 1.3. Executing foot and vehicle patrols to identify, capture and report faulty plant and abnormal conditions
• 1.4. Switching on Low Voltage networks
• 1.5. Performing Basic Lifting Machinery operation

• 2. Performs planned maintenance on networks and infrastructure in accordance with the procedures, standards, and work practices by:
• 2.1. Operating vegetation control machines
• 2.2. Manually clearing vegetation encroaching on safe clearance distances and structures
• 2.3. Applying prescribed growth control chemicals
• 2.4. Installing, inspecting, and restoring fences and gates
• 2.5. Inspecting, restoring, maintaining, and reporting conditions of roads and drainage systems
• 2.6. Maintaining lines and structures by replacing, securing, and cleaning line components, electrical connections, and anti-oxidation measures
• 2.7. Excavating, backfilling, and compacting to secure structures and trenches
• 2.8. Maintaining substations and control rooms by replacing, repairing, securing, and cleaning plant and equipment in substations under guidance and supervision
• 2.9. Inspecting, topping up with electrolyte, cleaning and testing the Specific Gravity of batteries
• 2.10. Inspecting and reporting on condition of substation tools and equipment
• 2.11. Reporting any other abnormality found in/on the network to appropriate person
• 2.12. Executing vegetation control
• 2.13. Keeping the yard clear of weeds and debris
• 2.14. Replacing and levelling of crusher stone where required
• 2.15. Exposing earthing, Earth mats and assisting with inspection, repairing of damaged sections

• 3. Creates assets on urban and rural lines by:
• 3.1. Dressing, earthing, and installing poles and structures
• 3.2. Dismantling poles and structures
• 3.3. Installing/dismantling reticulation and urban pole mounted transformers, reclosers, sectionalises, metering points, isolators and drop out fuse links
• 3.4. Performing conductor stringing, binding in and jointing (including earthing)
• 3.5. Laying multicore cables correctly in the cable trenches
• 3.6. Restoring campsite to its original state after all camp facilities are removed
• 3.7. Clearing access area for vehicles of undergrowth and trees and levelling/back filling where required

• 4. Ensures healthy working environment and eliminates unsafe acts by:
• 4.1. Reporting all safety incidents, unsafe conditions, and abnormal conditions to immediate supervisor
• 4.2. Inspecting and reporting performance of security and safety lighting
• 4.3. Inspecting and reporting non-conformance of tools and equipment immediately before use
• 4.4. Using and caring for personal protective equipment as per requirement
• 4.5. Effecting statutory and non-statutory appointments in terms of Occupational Health and Safety Act
• 4.6. Carrying out stacking and securing loads as per safety standards
• 4.7. Cleaning of work sites, workstations, and infrastructure
• 4.8. Ensuring that quality and safety requirements are adhered to on site
• 4.9. Executing site restoration in accordance with environmental control measures
• 4.10. Executing safe handling and economic stacking and storing of material
• 4.11. Erecting barricades, danger notification, and preparing system earthing

• 5. Provides a one-stop customer service by:
• 5.1. Reading and sealing cyclic and demand meters on small power users
• 5.2. Conforming to Customer Service Charter
• 5.3. Giving milestone and Data feedback to Senior Technical Official and Dispatcher
• 5.4. Making public aware of danger of electricity
• 5.5. Reporting common customer problems to immediate supervisor/appropriate person
• 5.6. Leaving the place of work clean and tidy with minimum disturbance/damage to the environment and/or customer’s property
• 5.7. Completing documents relevant to tasks performed and submission thereof

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