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Bokamoso Youth Centre provides youth from previously

disadvantaged backgrounds with various skills
development trainings to empower them to become selfreliant. From inception our purpose has always been to
care for the economic and social development of the disadvantaged community members of Greater Alexandra and surrounding areas. We believe that by equipping and

providing youth with economic skills whilst caring for their
social needs they wilt grow to become self-reliant and
lead sustainable lives.
What is the purpose of this programme?
This project is developed as a skills development initiative
to promote high level skills needed for further growth and
is intended to facilitate and promote Traffic Safety
knowledge in order to change the behavior and attitude of

Supporting youth on the road and instilling a safety culture
traffic participation.
The aim of this initiative is to attract these young people.
Understand the traffic rules based on the K53 series
Discuss vehicle management, road use issues
Needless deaths are happening on our roads,
Cultivate good attitudes towards road use
Go green and use the roads to help it
participate financially.
Those who do this are expected to do this
Education must actively use and adopt this ability
A space where you can be involved in the transportation and logistics industry
As a cab, Uber, and Bolt driver.
Who can apply?
A valid Code 10 learner is required
Do not employ. education or training
Must be a South African citizen with a valid ID number
At least 11th grade report card is required
SRD Scholarship recipients are encouraged to apply
Living in a township, informal settlement, or hostel (TISH)
What are your requirements?
from grade 11
Educational background:
Bokamoso End User Training
Basic writing and writing skills are required
learn in english
Must be between 18 and 35 years old

What does the course cover?
.Code 10 driver’s license
./ Entrepreneurship
. / customer service
./ basic computer training

Interested applicants should submit their resume
To the office in Unit No.004 Fortuna House 29-41h Street
Winberg, 2090. Next to the Ministry of the Interior. for many
Please contact us on 010 824 8540 for more information. 

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