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Teaching English Online in South Africa | How to Get Started? | Guide

 Do you want to teach English online in SA? Well, Teaching online has become popular trend over the past few years. With a TELF Certificate you can get started also we have discussed how to get started as a South African to teach online and making passive income monthly.

You can earn between R200 – R150 per hour (lessons) teaching English online from South Africa if you hold a TELF Certificate or even if you have no experience at all.

These TELF Courses offer certification for you to teach English online from anywhere in the world, higher paying teaching online jobs and they are good self-investment that lasts for longer.

You don’t need to have a degree anymore for you to become a qualified teacher. Especially online where they are many opportunities for you to grasp.

On which you are not advised to discredit traditional learning such as going to a university or college.

Hold up! How does it even teaching English online work anyways?...

It starts with getting a TELF Certificate before you even go any further, reason being many sites, companies and businesses prefer that as a standard qualification for you to teach on their platforms.

Most people have come to realise that it is easy to find a job as a normal teacher online in South Africa unlike applying directly to your local school or any institution.

There are reasons why this is the case, we are here to lay down all the reasons that might make you understand why most South Africans take teaching English online courses, if ever you are wishing to pursue a career as a teacher or perhaps you are simply looking for ways to earn money online teaching English.

Lets dive quickly to the reasons…

You will have a greater opportunity to find employment and get the chance to work from anywhere. Normally teaching English is far more easy than other subjects which are limited.

English is highly on demand you won’t find it difficult to get new students from any platform you decide to teach on if you have a TELF Certificate

If perhaps you would like to teach on the platform like  iTalki you will have to work your way up to the top for you to get more students by making your prices reasonable as possible also provide good lessons that are rememberable by students.

Since most of teaching platforms pay in dollars a lesson of $5 for a South African English teacher would range from R80,00 to R78,00 depending on the price set by you or the platform its self, it can be more than that to $25 maximum.


For example,  teaching language would mean you have to at least know a thing or two about that language you want to teach. You can’t teach Spanish for if you don’t know anything at all about it

Which is why many South Africans prefer teaching English courses compared to other courses. You can find teaching online courses in South Africa by looking for

  • Affordable TELF Provider
  • International Standard TELF Provider

You can try this trusted  TELF qualification Provider   (Teaching and Education Experts)

TELF Courses can take only 3 to 4 weeks depending on the TELF Provider you are enrolled with.

Most TELF Qualification providers are international yet they do offer reasonable prices that can range from R200 per course based on your currency and country.

  1. Good Self Investment

Teaching English online can help you in learning how to deal with different kinds of learners using different methods that are not applied locally by other teachers.

Most South Africans prefer that is easy to get teaching experience quickly than enrolling on college or varsity.

If you think of it for a minute while you are working online and keep getting these minor freelance teaching jobs you invest more on yourself, skills and personal development.

When you have finally reached the higher pinnacle of teaching online. You will freedom financially and mentally without worrying about a job.

  1. Reference and Experience

The experience of teaching online and teaching in the classroom is totally different, remember that online it is likely that you leave traces of the good work you are doing.

Let’s say you recorded a lesson and it gets promoted on the platform that you teach on based on any topic. The more students enjoy your lessons it is the more you are likely to get international recognition.

South Africans find it easy to get teaching experience online than actually go through with the traditional route of doing things.

So teaching English online can boost your experience and CV (Curriculum Vitae) by 100% max.

Best ways to find Teaching Online Jobs in South Africa?

Now that you have a short overview of how this works, let us at least plug you with these platforms that you can try for finding teaching online jobs in South Africa.

The are types of platforms for teaching English online. For example, if you have a degree in teaching. You’d prefer a teaching platform that pays more for what you are worth.

Then if you don’t have any experience at all, perhaps all you have its simply a TELF Qualification with no experience? Any platform that pays fair it would be an option for you as a beginner.

Freelance teaching platforms are not formal and don’t need a qualification such as bachelor’s degree or sometimes a TELF, TELSO certificate.

Professional Teaching Platforms are company based they have high requirements and sometimes payments are fixed (not changeable) meaning if you teach on a company based platform, you can’t set your own prices for lessons.

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This is a bit rare though since some platforms allow you to set your own prices for lessons.

Let’s look at a quick example:

Freelance Teaching Platforms

Professional Teaching Platforms (Company)

Low Requirements to teach

High requirements (TELF, Bachelor’s Degree etc..)

No Experience for getting started

At least 1year+ experience in teaching

Teaching resources are not provided as you mostly depend on features of the site as a tutor.

Teaching resources and materials are already provided for you. You don’t need to create your own on most cases.

Teaching lessons are not prepared meaning you have more time to gather yourself, yet lessons may be informal and not provide a good experience to the student or both.

Lessons are normally prepared for you or you have flexible tools that allow you to teach online right on time.

Payments vary based on the platform they can be fixed, or you can cash out anytime.

Payments are fixed, meaning you can not adjust the date of when you want to get paid.


So, before you sign up make sure to read about requirements and qualifications that are needed to avoid any confusion.

Teaching English Online Platforms for South Africans

Teaching English Online with No Experience Platforms

These are some of the freelance types of platforms that allow you to work at a flexible pace that does not put you too much pressure. 

Now let’s get on teaching platforms for South Africans with no experience:

  • iTalki

ITalki is very popular in this industry, students have an option to choose based on the teacher’s prices, qualifications and review from other students. Its good for beginners in teaching with no experience or TELF qualification. You can set your price lessons from $5 upwards.

  • Cambly

Cambly is for informal teaching and has no set boundaries that regulate how you should work with students. Its good for beginners with no experience and those who might want to earn some extra cash teaching English online in South Africa. You can earn between R180 – 160 per hour, it varies.

Let’s look at the company online teaching platforms in South Africa that you can try to work for from home.

  • EF Education First 

Education First is a company that operates in multiple countries. This company employs teachers from most countries in the world. Since you now know what are company based platforms Education First has two based programs where you can teach full-time or as a freelancer in South Africa.

  • Learn Talk

Learn Talk is good for people with qualifications such as bachelor’s degree or any higher qualification in teaching. You can teach Adults, more skill based lessons that cover topics depending on students and what kind of the teacher you are. So learn Talk might be good if you have at least minimum qualification.


Remember teaching platforms vary based on the company that go along with the requirements you have to meet. ITALKI and Cambly are reasonable ones you can try as a beginner.

Good luck and please do come back for more!

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