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SA Diamonds Regulator - SADPMR Internship Opportunity


We invite self-motivated and suitably qualified individuals who wish to stand out in their field to apply for the following vacancy. The Chief Executive Officer of the SADPMR hereby invites qualified graduates to join the organisation on a 12 months internship programme.

The South African Diamond and Precious Metals Regulator, established in terms of Section 3 of the Diamonds Amendment Act, 2005 (Act 29 of 2005), aims to regulate the downstream diamond and precious metals industries to ensure equitable access to the diamond and precious metals resources of the Republic.

To ensure that they are exploited and developed in the interest of the people of South Africa, to promote local beneficiation and ensure compliance with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme.

Government Diamond Valuator

  • Degree or National Diploma in Geology or related field.
  • REF: JHB01

Precious Metals and Beneficiation

  • Degree or National Diploma or Public Management or Administration
  • REF: JHB02

Diamond Exchange and Export Centre

  • Degree or National Diploma in Public Administration
  • REF: JHB03

Diamond Inspectorate

  • Bsc Statistics / Degree or National Diploma in Public Management or Administration
  • REF: JHB04


  • Degree/National Diploma: Para Legal, Legal Assistance/ Public Administration
  • REF: JHB05

Legal Services

  • LLB
  • REF: JHB06

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

  • Degree or National Diploma/ National Higher Diploma/ Post Graduate Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Supply Chain Management/Procurement, Logistics Management, Business Management,
  • REF: JHB07

Information & Communication Technology

  • Bsc Computer Science/ National Diploma/ Btech in IT
  • REF: JHB8

Internal Auditing

  • Bcom Accounting/ National Diploma /Btech in Internal Auditing
  • REF: JHB09 


  • Degree in Communication Science or Diploma / Btech in Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism or related field. 
  • REF: JHB10


  • Graduates must be: South African citizens between the ages 18 and 35.
  • Completed a National Diploma, Btech Degree and Post Graduate Diplomas in the above-mentioned disciplines.
  • Applications must be clearly marked by quoting the Relevant Division and Reference Number for your application.

Applications must be directed to HR Manager, accompanied by comprehensive CV, application letter indicating the relevant division and reference number for your application, certified copies of qualifications and certified ID. Applications must be emailed to CLICK HERE FOR FULL GRADUATE POSTS

Opportunity Closing Date

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